As agents in the Rocky Mt. Region for many years we pride ourselves in customer relations and sales achievements.  We are members of the Denver Market Association,  The Apparel ,Gift & Resort Association, Billings Market Association and the Salt Lake City Fashion Exhibitors.  By participating in all regional trade shows it allows us access to  all retail categories as well as existing and new clients.  We take pride in great customer service, product knowledge and sales success.  It is our goal to partner with each client in choosing the appropriate product at the right price.

An unusual characteristic of our territory is it comprises nearly 30% of the landmass of the U.S.  It is also the most geographically diverse of any other region, from mountain resorts to urban cities to very rural communities. Whatever our accounts size, location or makeup, it is our mission to provide a balance of product that can be successfully sold in any community.

Responsible Territory: 

Colorado  Utah  Montana  Idaho  Wyoming  W. Kansas  W. Nebraska  New Mexico  Arizona